No More Lives Lost to Breast Cancer

LINDA is a revolutionary new technology in the fight against breast cancer. Will you be a part of our mission to make prevention possible for women across the globe?

What sets LINDA apart?

Detection and Prevention
 in just One Click.

LINDA uses artificial intelligence and infrared imaging to detect the warning signs of breast cancer earlier—when treatment can make the biggest impact.

Fast Results

As quick and simple as taking a picture. Analysis completed in seconds for instant results.

Leading-Edge Tech

Led by innovation and backed by rigor for accurate results and great patient experiences.

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A painless, contactless and radiationless way of detecting early-stage breast lesions.

Better Health for All

An easier, more accessible solution for bringing screenings to more women.


Let’s Take on Breast Cancer. Together.

Our clinical trials are the best way of helping LINDA support doctors and healthcare providers in saving lives through early detection.

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Talk to your doctor about joining one of our ongoing clinical trials.

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Be a part of our clinical trials and help us advance the fight against breast cancer.

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Coming to
North America

LINDA is in the clinical trial phase
and will be coming to you soon.

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3 Million+

LINDA is currently available to over 3 million women.

A Proven Champion of Women’s Health.

Awarded “Best Health-Tech Startup” at the 2023 G20 Digital Innovation Alliance summit, LINDA has a long history at the frontline of breast cancer prevention.

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40,000 +
Women Screened

More than 40% of women tested with LINDA had never had a breast cancer screening before.