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A Beautiful Revolution.

LINDA was created to champion women’s health by providing global access to safe, fast and accurate preventative care.

Our Purpose

We Are Agents of Change.

LINDA protects, connects, supports, defends, uplifts and empowers women.

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Our Mission

To promote equity, social inclusion, and universal access to quality healthcare through technology.

two women dressed in jogging outfits talking to each other in a park.

Our Vision

To win the fight against breast cancer worldwide by breaking political and economic barriers and saving women’s lives.

woman wearing a pink shirt with a stylized graphic depicting breast cancer

Our Values


We recognize our responsibility to benefit society. We are deeply and joyfully committed to driving meaningful change for those who need it the most.


We foster equity by treating diverse populations in ways that address their specific background, culture, ability, wants and needs without judgement or prejudice.


Health is a human right. We are committed to making better health accessible to all women, including women from traditionally underserved or underprivileged communities.


Our actions, relationships and decisions are guided by integrity. We are honest and transparent in all that we say and do.

Cancer Patient with Friend

The name LINDA, meaning “beautiful” in Portuguese, reflects the incredible beauty that women bring to our world. Every day, we are inspired by the strength and courage of the millions of women battling breast cancer. We aim to protect women’s lives, health, self-esteem and body image from this disease. Every woman deserves to feel linda.

Why We Exist

We Are a Social Company, First and Always.

happy cancer survivor
What We’ve Accomplished

Our History of Excellence

LINDA continues to blaze the trail for innovation at the forefront of health technology.


LINDA is founded in São Paulo, Brazil after two years of development.


LINDA receives Anvisa approval and begins clinical trials in Brazil.


LINDA wins its first customer
6 months after approval.


LINDA is named best healthtech startup at the G20 digital innovation summit.


LINDA begins clinical trials in Canada with the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.

2026 & Beyond

LINDA aims to enter the market in America by 2025 and Europe by 2024.